About GOPB Church

Glenroy Oak Park Baptist Church is a Christian church connected to the Baptist Union of Victoria. For more information about the Baptist denomination and what we believe, visit: www.buv.com.au

Glenroy Oak Park Baptist Church (BC) has had three name changes. It started as Westbreen BC (established in 1953). Then moved suburb and became Oak Park BC. In 1996 Glenroy BC and Oak Park BC amalgamated to become Glenroy Oak Park Baptist Church. It was eventually decided to renovate the Oak Park building and the refreshed church was officially opened on 17 December 2006.

Our church conducts an English service every Sunday at 10am with a diverse and multicultural congregation. We are family friendly and we welcome you to join us in worship on Sunday or at any of our other activities that we offer.

Everyone is welcome to the house of God.



Image 1 Baptisms Baptisms classes are available! Lead by Pastor Graham Francis to prepare you for your journey!
Image 2 FuneralsHonor your loves ones with personalised service

Image 3 Pastoral CareLending an empathic ear, care and prayer